Hi. Welcome to my site. My name is Jesse Charbneau. I live with my wife Kim and daughters Joelle, Kaelyn, and Lori in Springboro, a small city 20 minutes south of Dayton, Ohio.

My background is fairly diverse, but has been concentrated towards networks, web applications & services, and network infrastructure in relation to web hosting/development. I initially got into computers very young (around 8 - 10 yrs) at the urging of my grandfather who purchased my first computer (a Commodore 64, woohoo!).

My main focus for most of my career has been working with web technologies. In the late nineties, I was developing a lot in Visual Basic, but had started to have interest in the emerging web technologies, and before long I was moving into ASP, PHP, and was dabbling in Perl CGI. At that point, I was working for OPC in Tallahassee, Florida; and was gaining a lot of related experience in the support of ISP centric technologies (dial-up, cable modems, routing, Linux, web hosting, etc). In December of 2000, I moved back to Ohio and initially worked supporting home pc users. After about 6 months, I was offered a position with IBS, LLC (aka Solve Interactive) as a Systems Analyst. I was involved in many different roles during my 4 years at Solve, and worked as both a Systems Administrator, and then as a Programmer. Solve really allowed me to cut my teeth and get really good with the big picture. I gained a lot of understanding of networking while there, and started really getting to a good place with Cisco, Solaris, BSD Unix, and network services. My programming skills also excelled, and allowed me to contribute quite a bit to the design and long term supportability of our customers products. Recent positions have had me working in both site management and senior level support roles, overseeing development, performing quality assurance, and all around troubleshooter.

For a brief listing of some of the sites I have built/designed/architected, check out my web app page. Several "classic" styled applications that I have been involved with can be found here. Recently, I have also delved heavier into the wild world of embedded Linux, and doing programming for custom touchscreen appliances. This has been using the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) from the Enlightenment open source project. I have also done tons of system administration, some of the technologies I have worked with are listed here.

In my personal time, I play classical guitar, work on my house and... yep you guessed it; I work with the computer some more. This is all in addition to playing with Joelle & Kaelyn, who have the tendency to get aggravated if I'm not chasing them around the room.

Getting back to my hobbies; I have been playing guitar for several years, mainly pop and rock songs. I started playing classical a few years ago as I was getting bored playing other peoples songs and wanted to learn more about music, as well as the fretboard. I am also interested in wood working, specifically trim carpentry, although when updating my home, I pretty much do it all myself. I have also studied martial arts for many years now, mainly focusing on chinese martial art systems such as Hung Gar, Chin Na, and Wing Chun.