Applications & Scripts

Welcome to my applications page. This page is mainly here for me to store applications and scripts I have written for different purposes. Some of these are full blown applications while some are just simple scripts.



While employed with IBS, LLC

Perl, TCP/IP, NMap, MySQL

A script that would work like an intrusion detection engine, but on the TCP and UDP stacks.

The operations manager requested that the application check every open port on a computer (http, dns, etc), and then log that information. The following day, check the system again, only this time, compare the results. If changes have been made, then notify an administrator that new service has been added to the host. Unfortunately, IBS sold the Data-Center to Donet in the summer of 02'. This application got the chopping block as we no longer needed this type of system analysis. I've always wanted to work on it some more, but have never found the time.

Sun backup utility

Database Compression Utility

While contracting to Sunstate Title Services

Visual Basic, MS Access

This application was created to address a problem Sunstate was having with their Visual Basic/Access application. The problem was that the database was being updated constantly every week, and the result was that the Access database would grow substantially. While trying to troubleshoot the problem, I noticed that if I ran the compression utilities built into Access, the database would return to a more "normal" size. This application will start Access with the appropriate arguments, and close any dialogs that might be launched. I also included scheduling options to facilitate a nightly or weekly run.



While employed with IBS,LLC


Customer need:
Application broken, rebuild

This project was grueling. Having done very little Java (mostly on the admin side up to this point), I was a little intimidated with this application. Originally written by a development manager who had left the company, this application needed to be heavily modified to accept new input. The main purpose of this application was to take an XML file exported from an Access database, parse everything out of it, and then take that data and insert it into the correct tables/rows on a Sybase Server. The application had broken after changes were made to the Access database format. After a hefty week of pouring over the code and testing out several IDEs I started working on it. A couple of weeks later I had a working application that would indeed parse an XML file, and insert it into the Sybase database server. On a side note. Being such a small project, I didn't see any of the "benefits" of Java, but I found out how much I really dislike the Borland JBuilder IDE. It seems to be very clunky, and on several occasions completely hosed the machine I was working on. I'm hoping to eventually find the time to learn more Java using WebSphere studio (Although it too seemed to be fairly system intensive). I guess if time permits, I may end up putting more Java projects on this list.