Network Guild

Welcome to my Network Guild page. This page contains a listing of different projects I have worked on with the guys from Network Guild. You should check out their site. They provide managed internet services for business customers in both the US and France.

Rackmount Server

Server Redundancy Project

On this project, Mike & Devon wanted to build a rackmount array of servers. The main key to this project is that the servers have to be completely redundant. Most servers that you buy these days may provide certain redundant capabilities, usually in the power supply or hard disk drives, but this does not guarantee that if the motherboard or cpu go bad, the systems' services will be available.

We took two rackmount servers that each had 2 scsi channels. We had some custom scsi cables built, and hooked the two servers together via scsi. On both servers, we had two hard drives; one on channel A, and one on channel B. We hooked chain A on server1 -> channel B on server2. We then hooked channel A on server2 -> channel B on server1. With this, we could continuously mirror the root drive (drive 0 on channel A) of each system to the second drive of the opposite system.